Food, Fellowship and Fun!

Share the Bounty is an evening of delicious treats, fellowship, fun and opportunities to win some great gift baskets, certificates, gift cards, handmade items, toys and other awesome stuff.   Won’t you please join us?

Tickets are available at the church and at the door the night of the event. Tickets are $15.00 includes admission and 10 raffle tickets. If you have any questions, please contact Kathy Weinberg in the church office at 734-464-0211.


Say What?

Exciting things are happening at Holy Trinity, and we’ve thrown a lot of new terms your way recently.  We’ve compiled this “cheat sheet” as a quick reference guide.

Rise Up Campaign: A special campaign created by the Southeast Michigan Synod of the ELCA for congregations to share Christ and grow leaders for the church of today and tomorrow.  The campaign goal is to raise $1.25 million across the SEMI synod to fund items such as stewardship training for church leaders, the Tune In process provided by LEAD and currently being implemented by the Listening Team (see below), special grants to congregations, rostered leader mentoring, lay leader development, and more.

LEAD: Living Every day as Disciples, or LEAD, is a company that provides comprehensive tools for healthy congregations that want to grow deeper in faith and wider in mission. The Southeast Michigan Synod has engaged LEAD through the Rise Up Campaign to provide congregations with tools and resources.

Tune In: LEAD offers four different 10-step processes to meet the specific needs of congregations. Resources, training, and coaching are available to help congregations successfully move through the process. Tune In is the first process offered by LEAD.

Listening Team: The Listening Team is the team Holy Trinity has formed to implement the Tune In process in our congregation. Throughout the process we will be listening to God through scripture, prayer, the congregation, and the neighborhood to discern where God is calling Holy Trinity.

LEAD Congregational Assessment: The LEAD congregational assessment, a short online survey on the LEAD website, is the first part of the Tune In process where we listen to the congregation. Follow on steps for the assessment will be distributed by the Listening Team in the summer or early fall. These steps will include a written survey, focus groups and one-on-one conversations with members of the congregation.

Stewardship for All Seasons: Stewardship for All Seasons is a special program funded by the Rise Up Campaign, where congregations work with a stewardship consultant to develop new strategies for congregations. Holy Trinity is participating in this program in 2018.

Submitted by Audrey Andison

Something Special for Passion Sunday

Holy Trinity’s Chancel Choir and friends are busy preparing a special cantata to begin our Holy Week Journey on Passion Sunday!  We hope you will join us for this beautiful presentation.  Join us on Sunday, March 25 at 10 am!

Inspired by Celtic music traditions, this new work by Joseph M. Martin presents Christ’s journey to the cross. Utilizing folk songs, hymns and sacred songs, the music adorns the heart-felt message of God’s love and grace displayed in Christ’s redemptive work on Calvary.

Gentle orchestrations capture the Celtic spirit of the music and thoughtful narration weaves the movements of the work together with Scripture, prayer and poetry, while delivering a reflective message of hope and assurance.

The program will be accompanied by a small chamber orchestra. We welcome any financial gifts to help offset the cost of the musicians.

A Meditation


The cross of Christ is a pillar of truth to guide me.

The cross of Christ is a shield to overshadow me.

The cross of Christ is a tower of strength to protect me.

The cross of Christ goes before and behind me.

The cross of Christ is above and beneath me.

The cross of Christ is on my left and on my right.

The cross of Christ is within and about me.

How wonderful the cross of Christ!

It brings life, not death; light, not darkness.

It is the wood on which the Lord, like a great Warrior, was wounded

and died for the sin of the world.

A tree had destroyed us; a tree now brings us life.


From “Canticle of the Cross” by Joseph M. Martin