What Our Confirmation Kids are Saying

I liked the baptism because I liked the words that Pastor said,  “People of God do you promise to support Amelia and pray for them in their new life in Christ


What part of the service did you like best?

  • My favorite part of the worship was the sermon because Pastor Golden explained everything that she needed to. She talked about the Pharisees.  [9-2-18, Andrew M.]
  • Communion because I get to pray for my family.  [9-2-18, Aaron S.]
  • I liked the instruments that they played during the songs because it inspired me and was interesting to watch.  [9-2-18, Sean V.]
  • I liked the fact that it was Homecoming, it was so crowded and there were lots of people there. I liked the music and all the different instruments that were played. It was very different.  [9-9-18, Sean V.]
  • I liked the Sermon because it always makes me think about my life.  [9-16-18, Aaron S.]
  • The songs because it helps me understand more. [9-16-18, Haylee S.]
  • The sermon because I liked learning about the disciples.  [9-22-18, Faith C.].
  • I liked having my family sit behind me in church. I normally would come with Mom or Dad, but today, I came with my Grandma and my Aunt. It was nice to go to church with other members of my family.  [9-23-18, Sean V.]
  • The songs because it makes me understand more what the service is about. [9-23-18, Haylee S.]
  • My favorite part was the children’s message because the message had a good meaning to it.  [9-23-18, Audrey W.]
  • I liked the sermon the most because it talked about competition and how we should live.  [9-23-18, Ben W.]
  • My favorite part of the worship was when the choir sang a song by themselves.  [9-23-18, Andrew M.]
  • My favorite part was the offering song because it was a nice/pretty song.  [9-30-18, Audrey W.]

How does the sermon relate to your life?

  • The sermon relates to my life because Pastor Golden said that the Pharisees has to wash their hands. At my house me and my family always have to wash our hands before we eat our dinner which is always good.  [9-2-18, Andrew M.]
  • Because everyone needs to be kind out of church. That is including me and my family. [9-2-18, Aaron S.]
  • The sermon relates to my life by showing that God cleans my heart and takes away my sin. By the grace of God, his salvation is a free gift. I need to remember to not just listen to his Word, but follow his word, not just on Sundays, but all week long.  [9-2-18, Sean V.]
  • Sometimes when I feel lost or alone, I have to remember that no matter how far we go or how lost we sometimes feel that God will always find us. There is always hope and God gives us his Grace and is there for each and every one of us. We can always make a change with the help of God.  [9-9-18, Sean V.]
  • It relates because I don’t always see what I should see, like when I draw because usually it looks bad to me.  [9-16-18, Aaron S.]
  • Today’s sermon was about how we help our neighbors. Also what it means to follow the cross.  [9-16-18, Haylee S.]
  • I work hard every day to achieve my goals. In school, sports, etc. by being polite.  [9-22-18, Faith C.]
  • The sermon relates to my life by showing how sometimes we show anger to each other for things that we or others may have done. We should not take these things out on others. I can relate as there may be a problem in school and it reminds me that I should not and cannot take my anger out on them.  [9-23-18, Sean V.]
  • In everything I do there is pressure to be #1. Pressure to get good grades, and stand out among others.  [9-23-18, Haylee S.]
  • The sermon relates to my life by that you have to treat people equally to everyone else.  Like treat your teacher the way you would your parents.  [9-23-18, Audrey W.]
  • We started by talking about the Fifth Commandment and how it means more than not to murder. Also how we should treat others.  [9-23-18, Ben W.]
  • In the ancient world children didn’t really get as much attention as they do now. Right now children get all of the attention.  [9-23-18, Andrew M.]
  • The sermon relates to my life because God loves everyone from the very rich to the homeless, and that he loves them all equally.  [9-30-18, Audrey W.]

Collected comments from September 2018 submitted by Susan Mount-Campbell, Ed Team

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